Community Partners

SMART START provides community iniatives to help children and families by leveraging local support and resources to meet identified needs; public engagement, educating Oklahoma on the importance of the early years; committing resources at both the state and community level with increased public and private funding devoted to early childhood services; and improving public policies to support young children and their families.



NEIGHBORS BUILDING NEIGHBORHOODS, INC.. (NBN) improves the quality of life in Eastern Oklahoma through education, organizational support, and coalition building. This broad mission empowers us to provide a wide range of programs. Initiatives include substance abuse prevention, youth programs, community revitalization, and the reduction of generational poverty.



MUSKOGEE PUBLIC SCHOOLS is dedicated to excellence, educating all students to be successful in an every-changing society. MPS has several schools of character. In schools of character, adults embrace their critical role as models. Teachers work together as professionals—and with parents and community members as partners—to positively shape the social, emotional, and character development of the young people entrusted to them each day. Students in these schools feel safe, respected, and connected to those around them, allowing them to thrive academically and socially and be motivated to give back to their communities.